Concert Ticketing on the Internet

concert ticketing

Concert Ticketing on the Internet

The Internet offers a range of options for concert ticketing. Tickets can be purchased not just at traditional venues , but also on secondary ticketing websites. You can also consider AttendStar, Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster. While there are advantages and disadvantages of each of them, the right choice will be determined by your budget and personal preference. Here are some tips to help you select the ideal site for ticketing. Let’s review each.


StubHub offers tickets for concerts and other events. Tickets can be searched to find the ideal seats for your needs by artist dates, teams, or date. You can also use the text search or search box to narrow your options. Then, they can purchase tickets online , without needing to speak with the purchaser. There are also tickets that include additional features such as reserved seating and floor seats, depending on what they’re looking for.

Before buying tickets through StubHub it is necessary to sign up for the event. You can find the registration form on the StubHub website. The form asks for information such as your event’s name, address the time, date, and location. You will also be asked to input your email address. Once you have provided your email address, you will be able to create LegitTicketSites your own password on StubHub. This is the easiest way to create an account with StubHub. StubHub account.

StubHub tickets are safe to purchase. Tickets can be purchased without worry thanks to StubHub’s FanProtect guarantee, which assures you that tickets will be delivered by the time. Sellers can rest assured that they are protected by a fan protection guarantee. In addition, StubHub doesn’t charge sellers fees for listing. That means you can sell your tickets at the most competitive prices. StubHub also lets you purchase tickets to give away as gifts.

The refund policy at StubHub is something that you must consider. If you purchase tickets from StubHub You should make sure that you know what to expect from their quality of the performance. StubHub’s customer care representatives don’t seem to be concerned whether you’re experiencing issues, but they do care about the quality of their products. In some instances customers will have to wait for their turn but this isn’t a big issue if you purchased tickets from another website.


A massive class action lawsuit was filed against Ticketmaster, AXS and others for their concert ticketing practices. These companies continue to exploit concert-goersdespite legal problems. Ticketmaster employs price gouging, monopolistic resale and other methods to lure customers. A lot of concertgoers must resort to online technology to secure tickets. These practices lead to accidental purchase of tickets on the market for resale, and artificially drive up the cost of tickets.

Ticketmaster provides presale codes for specific credit card holders to help them secure tickets early. Certain events are limited to those with credit cards. Customers who hold one or more of the Big Three (Citibank, American Express, Chase) are entitled to presale tickets. Check your Ticketmaster account for the list of credit cards that allow presales. You’ll be able to get tickets before the show if you’ve got an AmEx Card.

To boost its position in the market, Ticketmaster has had to license software for selling tickets for two years. Live Nation Entertainment is currently working on its ticketing software but has not had any success. The critics aren’t happy with the prospects for both of the companies. The goal of the DOJ is to increase competition, therefore it’s vital that the ticketing industry be part of its plans.

Although some musicians, such as the Pixies and Topspin have avoided having to pay charges for services through other means but Ticketmaster is the most popular methods for concert tickets. However, there are ways to improve Ticketmaster more efficient. One small change could change the entire experience. The company sells over 130 million tickets each year. It is one of the biggest corporations in the world. This is the reason it is vital to ensure that concert-goers have the best possible experience.


Ticketor, a leading online ticketing service that lets the selling of tickets for any kind of events, is the leader in this industry. You can also choose seating options from seating charts, upload photos and videos, as well as create different pricing levels and seating alternatives for different events. Ticketor helps organizers to make their work easier and gives a broad range of ticketing options. In addition, if you’re the one who organizes a concert, this program can help you manage tickets that you offer online, so you don’t have to research the numerous possibilities.

The secure checkout process of Ticketor guarantees that the buyers’ financial information is safe and protected. Websites of Ticketor are fully responsive and PCI-compliant. Customers can also purchase tickets directly from their phones without having to download an extra app. Coupons that are flexible are available on Ticketor for discounted discounts on a time basis and in individual increments. Ticketor lets its users the ability to email mailing lists. It also lets users to modify the email to include recipient information.

Administrators can set different prices for tickets. This includes seats. They can also set up pricing for groups, as well as time-based tickets. They can also provide details about accessibility of the concert in the event description if they’re willing to. This allows the purchaser to select the best seats that are within their budget. Ticketor also offers a custom price for event organizers. This is a fantastic option if you are seeking a method to market tickets to concerts.

Ticketor allows you to create single events, recurring events, or even daily admissions. Then, all you need to do is embed the streaming code of your preferred streaming provider. Ticketor handles admission and monetization for you. Payments can be made via PayPal or any payment processor. Ticketor will be able to pay you prior to the performance. You will not miss any of the fantastic performances.


AttendStar helps concert organizers to oversee ticket sales and the event’s logistics. AttendStar provides more support by phone than the other software companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a small band or a large concert promoter, AttendStar can help you to make the whole concert planning process simple. Let’s take a look at how it functions. Event promoters can arrange their event in just five simple steps.

After analyzing data about the behavior of ticket buyers, AttendStar will help artists maximize the sales of their tickets. With the help of other events, AttendStar can match artist ticket buyers with similar events. Its tools can pinpoint the greater amount of potential ticket buyers for an artist. By analyzing this data, attendees can target specific segments to increase the chance of being successful. Artist A might be able to reach less followers, but one with a larger audience will be able make greater impact through reaching an even larger audience.

AttendStar’s POS system combines tickets scanners with an iPhone or iPod Touch. These devices are specifically designed for ticket scanning. They use the Linea Pro case or iPhone 4. In addition to a credit card swipe, they also include an optical scanner. This combination makes it possible for organizers of events to sell tickets at any venue, regardless of whether the venue doesn’t have an actual ticket sales counter. AttendStar lets concert organizers make use of the excitement and anticipation of buyers of tickets and to promote their ticket sales through a variety of social channels.

It’s free to use and works by wireless Internet and cell phone networks. Event managers have the option to hire an AttendStar system or utilize their own devices for selling tickets online. AttendStar software can be accessed on the internet and has backup options to those who do not own their own devices. AttendStar is customizable and gives online training, as well as back-up options. It also has numerous additional features and functions.


Facebook is considering concert ticketing in only a few events. Facebook, like eBay’s StubHub is working to simplify e-commerce for its customers. The social network has a shop tab and an option to buy that allows customers to visit the websites of the merchants on Facebook and make purchases. It’s possible that Facebook may partner with concert-related companies to sell tickets via its platform. How does Facebook’s concert ticketing feature influence sales for concert tickets?

The company has partnered with independent organizers, venues, and artists throughout the Bay Area. In the latest direct-to-consumer initiative, Facebook will take a portion of the price and will pass on the proceeds to third parties. While this may sound like an ideal solution for concert fans, it has a potential downside: Facebook isn’t yet clear how they will handle tickets. Facebook currently allows users to use a select number of venues.

There’s a high chance that Facebook concert tickets are a scam. Scammers duplicate the same message over and over and pretend to be a real concert. They even copy messages from sold-out shows. It is easy to fall for the Nigerian Prince scam. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a victim. These suggestions aren’t just helpful, but they also make it much easier to sell tickets on Facebook. You might consider setting up the possibility of a Facebook page for is megaseats legit selling tickets to your concert or another event.

While organizing an event can be difficult, selling tickets through Facebook can help to cover the expenses. With more than 2 billion users Facebook’s event platform is simple to use for concert goers, and the system allows them to RSVP, view information, and know who else is going to be attending the concert. The Facebook ticketing system for concerts can aid in generating publicity about your event. Sign up here to create an account on a Facebook concert ticketing website.

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